Saturday, March 22, 2014

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Today was a pretty big day for the Mr. Baby. He had his first outing that did not involve going to a doctors appointment! Now I know what you are all thinking...its not April yet!!! Well we went up to Uncle Fish and Auntie Kiwi's house. So he was only around people he's already been exposed to. So we are not that worried.

Uncle Fish and Auntie Kiwi just got their house last week and we were itching to see what it looked like, so a birthday celebration seemed like a good reason to go up!

So we hung out watched tv, played with the baby and ate some pizza

Kiwi's house has lots of windows, so I got some really nice pics of mr baby

We ate some pizza

Then had play time with Kiwi and Fish

 Uncle Fish showed him things like how to hide in the closet and how to jump on the bed....he enjoyed it for awhile and then puked...

Then we went for a walk, which he was very happy about.... 

After that it was time to put our party hats on and eat the cake. Omie made a German Chocolate cake which was to.die.for yumyumyum 

 Helping Grandpa blow out the candles...

 "hurry before the baby pukes all over the cake"

 Pretty girlies

Sleepy baby

Scary daddy....

We had such a good day. Now heading off to bed, Eli is tuckered out and sleeping in his own bassinet without even putting up a fuss...Oh and btw were 13 lbs 11oz now :) Goodnight and Happy Birthday Grandpa we love you!

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